UPTIME - Communication in English

The UPTIME - Communication in English Schools came from the dream of one man: Sérgio de Souza Monteiro. With his experience abroad, he discovered that a language course does not need to last years and there are several learning techniques that allow fluency in a short time.

Thus, UPTIME revolutionized the Brazilian market. Since its founding in 2001 in the city of Belo Horizonte, the state capital of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, the company has become synonymous with innovation in teaching the English language. The results guaranteed by the cutting-edge methodology and also of the unique business model made the franchisor achieve high levels of satisfaction and growth.

UPTIME - Communication in English belongs to the UPTIME Group, a group of nine companies that command its operations. This means that the franchisor operates independently, not requiring suppliers or third parties to meet any internal demand. It is a bold and vertical organizational structure that provides significant results for the brand.

Successful Partnerships

Bernardo Rezende, or just Bernardinho, the Brazilian volleyball coach, and André Valadão, a Christian music singer, are institutional partners of UPTIME and worthily represent the important values held by the company.

The most complimented company

UPTIME collects compliments from students and professionals all over the country, so it is recognized as the most acclaimed brand in Brazil by the website ElogieAki since 2015.

The most awarded brand

For over a decade, UPTIME has won the most important titles of the Brazilian franchising market every year. Among them is the Best Franchise in Brazil.


UPTIME is famous for its teaching method that guarantees the acquisition of the English language in a fast, natural and permanent way.


The UPTIME courses have unique advantages that ensure fluency in English quickly and definitively.

Quick and definitive fluency

Flexible class schedules

Classes begin any day of the year.

100% conversation classes

Cutting edge methodology

Classrooms with 1 to 8 students

Unique course material

Certificate of guarantee

Serious Members

UPTIME students testify that they had their lives transformed by fluency in English.

UPTIME Franchising

UPTIME Franchising is the company responsible for the network of franchises that follow the model of “A Unique School”, which means that the business is not rated by the potential or amount of money available for the initial investment. For the Group, the expansion of the physical infrastructure and the growth of the company are the result of the evolution of the business, which takes place according to a solid plan that promotes continuity.

C.R.P.F. UPSYSTEM LCU ONLINE Clube de Vantagens

Franchise Partner Relationship Center

An exclusive online portal for UPTIME Franchisee Partners with news, announcements and all network information in one place.

An online system designed to cater exclusively to the UPTIME Network

The UpSystem is an E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning - Integrated Management Tool) that manages the UPTIME schools throughout Brazil.

Online Learning Center UPTIME

Training video platform with tutorials on the processes of the UPTIME Network, presented by experts from the administrative, educational and commercial areas.


Unlike all other language school franchises, UPTIME cares about the profitability of its franchisee partners and has developed a unique business plan.

New students all year round

Growth and generating of new revenue throughout the year

A dynamic and active commercial team (access marketing)

Exemption of advertising fees

Licensing of an exclusive software for business management

Ongoing support from every single company in the UPTIME Group

National Council of Franchisee Partners

Low initial investment and rapid capitalization

Exclusive teaching material and innovative methodology

National publicity strategies

There is no advertising fee. All of the national publicity is under the responsibility of the franchisor,
without any expenses for the franchisees.

UPTIME numbers

UPTIME grows by making people grow.

Total of offices


Franchise offices


Corporate offices


Brazillian States


International units





Low initial investment and rapid capitalization.

Total investiment

From R$ 65.600,00 to R$ 141.000,00

Required area

from 130 a 250m²


from 5 to 26

Average monthly revenue

R$ 65.000,00

Payback Period

from 9 to 24 months

In comparison to other Franchises

UPTIME Franchising


R$ 0 a R$ 65.000,00


R$ 24.000,00 a R$ 30.000,00

Initial inventory

Large volume required

Initial inventory

Very small volume required

Course material

0% or very low profit

Course material

Guaranteed profit


outsourced companies + taxes


Paulinelli - An UPTIME Group printing company

Fees + advertising

up to 30% charged per book

Fees + advertising

There are no advertising fees

Serious Partners

Testimonials from those who have chosen UPTIME and now run a successful business.

Our courses

Lots of courses to meet the market needs.

TEENS - ages from 11 to 16

A dynamic course for teenagers who demand interesting, fun and current information!

Jr. High School

High School


Diploma Program - students over 16 years-of-age


The fastest and most effective way to fluency.

Master's Program

For fluent students who want to strengthen their conversational and writing skills.


Preparatory courses for international certifications.

Conversation Club

Weekly gatherings with current and interesting topics for fluent students who want to practice and improve their linguistic skills.

Corporate Diploma Program

Black Gold

Gas and Oil Industry


Taxi and private drivers

On Duty

Police force and security agents

College Partners

Many different academic areas


No other network has been awarded so many times in such a short time like UPTIME.

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