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Data da publicação:16/07/2012 

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"My trip to London was wonderful. I visited amazing places. London is very diverse, you can meet people from all over the world, mainly in the downtown area, where the most famous stores are. The tourist attractions were also  wonderful.

  The castles and parks are unbelievable, and you can walk everywhere with nothing to worry about because everything is very quiet. The city is very busy and people are very hasty, especially during rush hour. When it is time to go to work and return home, everyone looks the same to us.

 What I thought very interesting was that people are constantly reading in the subway, train, bus, and there are even free newspapers in some places where I visited. Despite the short amount of time I spent in London, just 30 days, it was a period in which  I could be a little closer to a totally different culture. 

 I fell like the English course at UPTIME was also very helpful. Although three weeks are too short to effectively learn the language, my study at UPTIME was very useful for the whole trip. For instance, I felt more confident while travelling, and I could practice everything that I've learned at UPTIME. Now, I don't want to stop. I'm back to UPTIME to complete the course and learn more". 

Aluna: Thalita Isa Ramos
Unidade: UPTIME Laranjeiras


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